Motor Operated Hoist and Trolley with Track Switch Box

                                                                                                               Knoxville, TN

 KCUD Membrane Water Treatment Plant 

 March, 2014

This project was a complete design/build. This building resembled the plans provided but required a complete field survey.  2 Ton hoist with combined festoon and cable reel electrification 

Overhead Motor Operated Hoist and Trolly

Jacksonville Florida

Buckman Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Contractor: WPC    

June, 2014

Clamshell Hoist and 7.5 Ton Bobcat Hoist

2 Ton Yale Motorized Hoist with Manual Trolley

Steel Frame, Monorail, Weather Enclosure (Hurricane Rated)

James Island, SC

Contractor: CDM

January 2015

Solution:  Enclosure wind loads

3 Ton Bridge Crane Motorized. Remote Control Operated

Laurel, MD

Contractor: CPP

April 2015

Solution: Drop Crane Through Opening in Ceiling with equipment installed underneath

1 Ton Jib Crane, Yale 1 Ton Double Reeved Hoist w/ 15 ft lift

Greenville, NC

Contractor: TAL

April 2016

Specializing in Projects with a High Degree of Difficulty

2 Ton Galvanized Jib Crane, 25 ft span. 40 ft lift  Yale Wire Rope Hoist.

Wilmington, NC


March 2016

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With Schroder Material Handling you're getting the experience of a licensed P.E. that's been in this business for over 40 years. Mr Schroder does not shy away from a challenging job and specializes in using quality suppliers to deliver a product built to last. Whether you need parts, hoists, monorail systems, bridge cranes or structual steel design, we're here to exceed your expectations and meet your needs. We specialize in Columbus McKinnon, Yale, Budgit, Detroit, Conductix and more.

5 Ton Yale Motor Operated Hoist with Hand Operated Bridge

Fairfax, VA

Contractor: ACE

July, 2014

One 5 Ton Electric Wire Rope Hoist accompanied by Two 3 Ton Hoists.

Columbia, SC

Contractor: ADR

October 2014

5 Ton Low Headroom R&M Hoist with 30 ft. Motor Operated Bridge Crane

Monticello Kentucky

Contractor: Smith

May, 2014

2 Ton Coffing Electric Hoist and Manual Trolley

(Rehab New Hoist and Electrics, Existing Monorail)

Orangeburg, SC

Contractor: STU

July 2015


2 Ton ACCO Motorized Hoist and Trolley

Washington, DC Area

Contractor: ACE

January 2015

Solution: Electric Festoon exits Building

SCX Mezzanine

Spartanburg, SC

Steel Frame for Process Tanks
Excavation,  Foundation, Steel Fab, Erection